POTA Annual Support Your Parks Plaque Event

Sponsorship Info

If you, your club, or a group of individuals is interested in sponsoring a plaque for the summer Support Your Parks event, please read on for highlights and sponsorship information.

*Please Note* The 2019 plaques are now fully sponsored. Sponsorship information will be updated for 2020 in the coming months.

 Previous sponsors have until 1 prior to the event to sponsor the same plaque(s) as they did in the previous year. after that time, sponsorship will be open on a first-come first-served basis.

 Because of the high quality of these plaques, sponsorship of a plaque in 2019 costs $115. The price of the plaque varies depending on the number of characters on the plaque, but is generally around $100. Flat rate shipping to send the award to the winner is generally around $15. After all plaques are paid and shipped, any remaining funds from sponsorship collection will be donated to Parks on the Air, Inc. If final cost of plaques and shipping is greater than the amount collected from sponsorship, a donor that has volunteered to do so, will contribute the balance. If the winner of your sponsored plaque declines receipt of the physical plaque, you as the sponsor will have the choice to either have the plaque made and sent to you, or to have the full amount of your sponsorship applied to other plaque costs and donation to Parks on the Air, Inc. All Plaque sponsors will be provided with a copy of the final invoice for record keeping and any valid tax purposes.

 If you or your club is interested in sponsoring a plaque, start by reviewing the plaques that are still available for sponsorship (check the Award Sponsor section in each plaque's descrption on the main Plaque Summary page.) When you have decided which plaque to sponsor, contact Vance Martin ( and you will be provided with a paypal link/invoice for the sponsorship fee. Full payment must be made no later than one week prior to the event, so that we can announce the final list of plaques that will be available.